About Us

KG Technology’s knowledge and experiences in the information technologies sector dates back to the year of 2003. KG Technology staff, who takes the power from its experiences, guides you to enable you to achieve more effective results in your works. To offer the highest-quality service to its customers at a speed adapting the changing world; to establish trust-based relationships with them and to provide a working environment in which over 300 specialized employees can comfortably reflect their skills are indispensable values of KG Technology. While it puts additional value on their customers through a dynamic and solution-oriented approach, to enhance their productivity and growth rates are among primary goals.

As well as KG Technology offers turnkey projects to large-scale enterprises, process management consultancy and scorecard based managed services, it also provides outsourcing with its customer-oriented approach. KG Technology, aiming at keeping the cost efficiency always at the top level, offers the most convenient solution to your organization along with quality assurance and supportive services in line with your demands. It also utilizes all tools of the new technology while building projects which increase revenues, add prestige to your company, enhance the satisfaction of your customers, create savings and minimize the risks.

KG Technology adopts four working model. These are KPI Based Managed Services, Project Based Turnkey Services, Consultancy Services and Outsourcing Services.

We give services with our experienced sources and target-oriented dynamic approach in the titles of Billing & Charging, Customer Relations and Management, Business Intelligence, Middleware, Software Development in the area of Added Value Services, Test Engineering, Business and System Analysis, Project Management, Operation Support, Enterprise Architecture, Version and Configuration Management.

KG Technology is one of the leading names in the sector to which it contributes through its experienced staff, employment created, proficiency in every field of IT and solution-oriented approach.