Smart City and Smart Community Project

Our project brings solutions to the following matters.

Traffic – ITS

- Smart Crossroad Management
- 112 Vehicle Management – Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police
- Smart Municipality Bus Application
- Smart Taxi Management Application



Diva (File Indexed Data Warehouse) Project

The Purpose of the Project :

To develop an advanced technology middleware software running with standard hardware so as to be a solution for the problems experienced in large data management. It provides service to every organization having large data, it can also be used alone as cloud service as well.

It is a system that can easily manage all kind of large data (text, picture, sound, video and structural) which are relational and either structural or non-structural, coming from different resources such as special solutions of Hadoop, Azure, Hana, Amazon and Google still used in order to manage large data, through a web-based interface with standard hardware without the need for databases like oracle, sqlserver, mysql.

Aka (Open Source Analysis) Project (Social Network, Speech Behavioral and Text Analytics)

The Purpose of the Project :

It is a software transformed into an automation which advises by subjecting the data obtained from open sources to the analysis first with human then machine learning.

- Application for different languages (Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese)
- Semantic analysis in the data collected from IVR, CC, Internet and Social Media
- Dictionary based index and file content interrogation,
- (Positive/negative, neutral) detection in dictionary sentences, phrases and words
- Behavioral detection via the phone
- Containing the transfer of dictionary basis into the machine learning